Quatre Haut parleur Multi12 de chez AED-audio, rejoigne notre liste de location.
Nous le proposons aussi a la vente, n’hesitez pas à demander des informations.


12″ Two-way Full Range Active Speaker / Wedge Monitor

The MULTI12 is a multipurpose 12“ two-way self-powered speaker with built-in DSP. The cabinet is made of robust engineering Polymers which results in a lower weight, and a high power. The MULTI12 has an improved sound quality due to its high quality European branded speaker components.

You can use the MULTI12 as live PA speaker, for DJ sets, with or without sub, but also as a wedge monitor, DJ monitor and for sound reinforcement in pub’s, clubs, small theaters, churches and many more. This highly versatile product can be used in many ways.  


  • 1.000W peak – 500W program
  • 3-channel mixer with level controls + clip indicators
  • Bluetooth input/streaming
  • European branded speaker components

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